4 Simple Strategies to Tame Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress affect us all, and one does not need a mental health diagnosis to develop a proactive regime to combat these negative emotions. Stress is one of the most naturally-occurring elements of modern-day life, for the pressure to constantly earn and spend more makes us all anxious.

Some feel anxious while handling disgruntled clients or in situations that involve public speaking, while others deal with overwhelming stress while running multiple errands. We all have unique responses to stressful situations, and some of us struggle more than others.

It is important to bust off everyday anxieties and stressors so you can go to bed in a calm, tranquil state of mind. Read on to explore simple strategies to tame anxiety and stress, and make more room for happiness and joy.

1.    Start Journaling your Stressful Experiences 

Journaling is an excellent strategy to give yourself attention and be more attuned to your mental state. Writing down all the anxious and stressful thoughts will give you clarity and control. As you read your experiences from a third-person’s perspective, you will be able to rationalize your emotions with logical responses. Journaling stressful experiences will help you identify your triggers and develop coping mechanisms to fight anxiety.

2.    Physical Activity to Release Feel-Good Hormones

Adopting an active lifestyle is the best way to combat anxiety and stress, and release a wide host of hormones and neurotransmitters to regulate your mood. Physical activity stimulates the brain and releases key neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, tied to feelings of contentment, happiness and pleasure. Engaging in any activity, be it swimming, running or yoga will help you tame stress with a surge of feel-good hormones.

3.    Enjoy the Things you Love

Enjoying your hobbies and interests is a powerful stress-busting mechanism because enjoyment activates the brain’s pleasure center. Making time for your hobbies in your everyday routine is important to overcome stressful experiences and anxious thoughts. We all have unique hobbies and some interests are easier to pursue every day while others demand an elaborate setup and heavy spending.

The goal is to find an accessible and flexible arrangement to enjoy the activities that make you happy. For instance, people who love hiking and trekking can explore nearby parks, open spaces and wooded trails instead of traveling far and wide. Likewise, people who love playing slots and card games can find an online platform like instead of visiting a high-end casino.

Indulging in activities you love will help you design a stress-free lifestyle with ample opportunities to feel happy and satisfied.

4.    Surround yourself with Family and Friends

It is important to surround yourself with family and friends to feel supported and connected to your tribe. Lack of socialization makes us more vulnerable to anxiety and stress, and the support of our loved ones is paramount in overcoming the post-traumatic stress of adverse experiences. Find opportunities to get together with your loved ones over dinner or make plans to go out. Instead of isolating yourself and marinating in stress, call your siblings or friend and pour your heart out over a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts

Designing a wholesome lifestyle that leaves ample room for fun and socialization is the key to taming anxiety and stress. If your lifestyle leaves little room for enjoyment or connecting with your loved ones, your mental well-being is bound to suffer. It is also important to seek out professional help when you feel the need for it.

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