Buy CBD medicine in Switzerland to cure glaucoma?

Due to the announcement that marijuana was listed on the National Drug List of the Ministry of Public Health. Let the patient go to get it for free. It also mentions properties such as helping to reduce chronic pain, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease. Stumbled upon glaucoma. May cause glaucoma patients to turn to marijuana mistakenly. And they were abstaining from all effective medications. This medicine is available in CBD shop Schweiz.

Cannabinoids in marijuana are a group of chemicals that act like neurotransmitters in the body. Derived from dried cannabis leaves, it contains more than 400 chemicals, collectively known as cannabinoids. The essential substances in extractable cannabinoids are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Binolic acid, CBD shop Schweiz (CBD), and Cannabigerol (CBG). THC because it is a neurotransmitter-like substance. Therefore, it acts only on the part of the organ that has a specific receptor. It is assumed that the eye cells with this receptor include Trabecular meshwork, nonpigmented ciliary epithelium, and Ciliary muscle. Therefore, it is likely to affect eye pressure, a significant risk factor for glaucoma.

THC was found to increase uveoscleral outflow; some studies have shown a reduction in aqueous formation (in monkeys), and some have reported an effect. Neuroprotection from reducing glutamate or blocking glutamate receptor, some say that it is an antioxidant, thus reducing degeneration May reduce the severity of glaucoma.

THC has been reported to lower eye pressure since 1971, but THC (medical grade) became available in 1974 in male patients with very high eye pressure. So high that he saw a halo (lights around a lamp). This man accidentally inhaled marijuana. The halo disappeared.

In early trials, THC was found to lower blood pressure by 60-65% in both standard and glaucoma subjects. Some reported a 20% reduction in blood pressure by eating, inhaling, or even intravenously. But the effect of the drug lasts only 3-4 hours. To reduce eye pressure by 3-5 mm Hg, a dose of 18-28 mg must be taken 6-8 times daily. Marijuana is lipophilic and soluble in fat. Insoluble in water Preparing the drops is a bit tricky. And the slides that can be prepared often cause itchy, red eyes.

Several states in the United States have recognized the medicinal use of marijuana, starting with California in 2015.

At present, both the American glaucoma society, the American academy of ophthalmology, Canadian glaucoma society have not yet accepted the use of cannabis to treat glaucoma. For reasons, the potency of cannabis is too short. Compared to the present, there are medications to reduce eye pressure. Drops only once a day are effective for up to 24 hours—side effects of the drug such as drowsiness and mood swings. I can’t drive or do daily tasks. If used, it will likely increase car accidents.

Cannabis side effects

  • Eyelids- conjunctivitis, dry eyes, incomprehensible light, ptosis, twitching of the muscles around the eyes. (blepharospasm nystagmus) , decreased focus ability
  • Physical – tachycardia, lower blood pressure, energy, memory impairment, lack of concentration, decreased testosterone and decreased immune function.
  • Cannabis has a blood pressure lowering effect and causes less blood supply to the optic nerve making the stone worse. It may also make patients with macular degeneration (AMD) worse.

If you have glaucoma, Medication is suitable; if you want to try cannabis, You should consult your ophthalmologist first.

Recommendations and practices 

It has been suggested that pregnant women should not use CBD. Those who are breastfeeding and psychiatric patients. In addition, adverse reactions associated with CBD use in DS patients have been reported, including drowsiness, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, fever, and lethargy. High levels of hepatic enzymes, such as valproate and clobazam, were elevated or concurrent with other anticonvulsants. CBD was not found to have a respiratory suppressant effect when CBD was given with low-dose fentanyl. The shop in Switzerland maintain it is CBD shop Schweiz. However, it was found that the high doses of fentanyl had only slightly reduced respiratory rate and body temperature.

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