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In honor of COVID-19, dress for success is holding a virtual Fashion Show, so that those who cannot attend the event can still participate. The live stream event will begin at noon on June 19 and will feature a fashion show that features clientele wearing fashions from Portaluca. It will also feature a presentation of the Mary Ivers Success Award and the best new looks for the season. In addition, the fashion show will include a raffle for fantastic prizes.

Dress for Success is a non-profit organization

Dress for Success is a global nonprofit organization that provides professional attire for low-income women. The organization works to help women look their best in job-search and interview processes. In addition to providing professional attire, the organization also offers support in a variety of other areas. These services include career development, resume writing, and interview skills development.

Volunteers play an important role in Dress for Success. This organization provides free services to the community and relies on donations and volunteers to continue its mission. Volunteers can help clients find the right work clothes or even watch children while their mothers attend meetings. If you would like to help out, you can sign up for a volunteer orientation.

If you would like to become a volunteer for Dress for Success, contact the organization to learn more about its mission and what you can do to help. You can get involved by reaching out to one of the affiliates in your area. They can share upcoming opportunities and help you volunteer for future events.

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It provides workwear

Dress for Success is a New Zealand organisation that provides workwear to low-income women looking to find a new career. The organization also provides career development tools and ongoing support to help women achieve economic independence. The organisation offers workwear for interviews and permanent employment, along with toiletries and fashion labels.

Dress for Success provides workwear and professional clothing to low-income women who are trying to break the cycle of poverty. The program focuses on building self-esteem, empowering women to reach economic independence through job training, support networks, and professional attire. Since its founding in 1985, the organization has expanded to 150 cities in 25 countries, serving over 1.2 million women. You can support the cause financially or volunteer your time to your local affiliate. You can even start your own chapter in your community.

It offers career assistance

The Dress for Success program is dedicated to helping women transition into the workforce by providing professional clothing and tons of job search workshops. The organization also provides career assistance for women who already have a job and are looking for more help. The program’s Career Success Center will help clients refine their resume and interview skills. The organization also helps clients network.

The organization works with women from low-income households to empower them with the skills, confidence, and confidence they need to get a job. The organization offers interview clothing, professional attire, career development tools, and confidence to help women land the job of their dreams. The organization receives referrals from over 70 different sources and provides their services free of charge. Donations are also welcome.

If you need to update your wardrobe, Dress for Success has workshops you can attend over the Internet. These workshops take place on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 4 pm through Zoom. They also offer a six-week Career Search Program. To participate in the program, you need to fill out a client intake form and register online. The program also offers gift cards that can be used to purchase items not available in their standard inventory.

It hosts a fashion show

Dress for Success is hosting a fashion show tomorrow, April 26. The event is a fundraiser for the organization, which helps 5,000 women in Central Texas achieve economic independence. The organization provides the women with professional attire, career development tools, and a support network. The event will feature a keynote address by Master Sommelier Alpana Singh, who owns Terra & Vine and The Boarding House. A fashion show will also be presented, showcasing the best looks of the season. Attendees can also expect great prizes from the raffle.


The organization was founded in 1999 by Mary Ivers. Its mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing professional attire, career development tools, and networking opportunities. In addition to providing work attire, the organization also maintains inventories of clothing to fit different job descriptions. It also organizes fashion shows to raise awareness of its programs.

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