How to Buy a Gaming Laptop in 2022

Most people prefer using desktop computers for gaming. However, you can switch to much more convenient options, such as gaming laptops for playing games without any limitations. They can easily fit into your bag and can be carried wherever you go. However, it is crucial to invest in a laptop that fits your gaming requirements without exceeding your budget. This article will guide you on how to choose a gaming laptop that comes with all the necessary specifications.

Choosing a Gaming Laptop

We have shortlisted all the factors that determine if the gaming laptop you have chosen is worth it or not:

Resolution and Display

Apart from hardware, your laptop’s display can make or break your gaming experience. Therefore, with the right resolution, you will not get bored of playing the same games again and again.

If you are going for a higher resolution, it means that your new laptop will have a much clearer display. This is because higher resolution uses more pixels to deliver an image to your screen. Nowadays, instead of having a standard 1080p display, most people prefer laptops that come with 1440p or 4K resolutions for the most immersive gaming experience. However, these resolutions are still rare and pricey. You could still stick with a 1080p resolution monitor, which is still future-proof and relevant.

Refresh Rates

The refresh rate of your gaming laptop determines how long it would take for your laptop to respond when there is a visual action. Hence, higher refresh rates guarantee lower response times and faster gameplay. Ideally, your laptop should have a refresh rate of 120 Hz or above, but you can also go with 60 Hz for a basic display.

On the other hand, if you are going for a lower refresh rate, you may encounter issues like blurry images in fast-paced games, requiring higher response rates to your actions.

At times, your gaming laptop may not respond immediately, even if its response rates are high. In such cases, it is best to call Spectrum servicio al cliente for fixing your internet issues.


With a mechanical keyboard, your laptop will have physical switches under the keys. As a result, it will produce more noise than a regular keyboard. However, you will eventually start enjoying your gaming experience as such keyboards perform very well, which makes them ideal for gaming.


Your laptop’s central processing unit (CPU) plays an important role in carrying signals to various components of the system. Then, it uses these signals to process instructions from the software that runs on your laptop. Therefore, you must select the laptop that comes with a CPU that is compatible with gaming. Here is a checklist for you to determine if the CPU of your gaming laptop will perform well or not:

Core Count

With a CPU that includes multiple cores, your system will be able to multitask seamlessly. Every core of your CPU will work as an individual processing unit with the rest of the cores to carry out multiple tasks at the same time.

Clock Speed

The term ‘clock speed’ refers to the number of cycles that can be executed by the CPU within a second. It is measured in GHz. If your CPU consists of a higher clock speed, this means that it will perform faster.

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While gaming, your laptop’s graphics processing unit (GPU) produces the pixels needed to display an image on your screen. In addition, it is responsible for generating a high resolution and perfect frame rates for gameplay. So, if you are choosing a laptop with 1440p or 4K resolution, make sure that you select the right CPU and GPU. This is because if you end up with a higher resolution with an incompatible CPU and GPU, your laptop may encounter issues in generating the number of pixels needed, according to its resolution.

Besides frame rates, refresh rates, and resolutions, you must ensure that your GPU has consistent ray tracing. The term ‘ray tracing’ refers to the graphics rendering process that creates realistic lighting effects on your screen. With the perfect scattering and translucence, it allows reflections and shadows with the right balance to produce a lifelike display.


It’s up to you whether you want to spend a limited amount or as much as it takes to get the perfect gaming laptop. You need to understand that on average, a gaming laptop may cost much more than a desktop computer for gaming. However, you can still manage to get a gaming laptop that does not charge an arm and a leg!

A budget gaming laptop may require you to pay between $700 and $800. On the other hand, some laptops may cost up to $3,000 or above. All in all, the more money you invest, the better the features and other specifications. However, you must plan your budget before making the purchase.

Tip: While buying your gaming laptop, keep in mind that it will require a stable internet connection, which may cost a hefty price per month. For accurate prices, check out Spectrum billing so you could plan a budget for your laptop beforehand.

Wrapping Up

Follow our expert advice to get a suitable gaming laptop without breaking the bank! The abovementioned factors ensure that you won’t regret your purchase, even after using the same laptop for the next ten years!

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