How to Value a Pink Diamond and How to Use Leverage to Increase Your Gains

There are a number of reasons for pink diamond investment. These reasons may include their intrinsic value, the potential for high capital gains, and the fact that they are not as volatile as other assets. If you’re considering investing in diamonds, consider a few things first. Here’s how to value a pink diamond, and how to use leverage to increase your gains.

Investing in pink diamonds

In times of economic uncertainty, a 19 pink diamond investment may seem like a great idea. While property may have many benefits, it also comes with a high degree of risk. A large portion of the value of a property is lent, which means that an investor can end up losing the entire investment if the value of the property falls by just a small percentage.

The value of a pink diamond depends upon its size. While a 0.3-ct pink diamond may not be worth much, diamonds weighing over one carat are extremely rare and represent an excellent investment. This type of diamond will see a lower investment return compared to a larger one, but can still offer a steady growth in value over time, as it can be used in bespoke jewellery.

One way to invest in a diamond is to buy a piece of diamonds from a company that offers such investments. Luxus Diamonds, for example, is a company that focuses on investing in fancy coloured diamonds. This company was founded by a hedge fund expert named Dana Auslander and fashion journalist Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton. This company offers retail investors the opportunity to participate in the diamond industry without paying huge amounts of money.

Value of a pink diamond as an investment

Purchasing pink diamonds can be a safe investment option. They are durable enough to carry in your wallet and can be worn as a ring. However, there are a few factors to consider before making a purchase. The first thing to consider is where the pink diamond comes from. This is important because, due to high demand, some diamonds have been artificially pinked. This is done through high pressure and heat processes.

Pink diamonds are rare and highly valuable. Their unique properties make them easy to transport and store. Many investors have realised the investment potential of pink diamonds as a class and have been buying them as an investment. This has led to an increase in the price of pink diamonds every year. Some investors have even started taking short-term positions on individual stones.

Another important factor to consider is the type of cut of the diamond. For a pink diamond, the best cut is one that enhances the color. While the brilliant round cut is the most common, fancy cuts allow the pink color to shine through. Fancy cuts include the radiant, cushion, heart, and marquise. The value of a pink diamond as an investment can increase rapidly if the shape of the diamond is chosen correctly.

Price of a pink diamond as an investment in property

A pink diamond is a valuable asset, but it’s also very rare. Only about one-quarter of the diamonds in the world are larger than 0.3 carats. That makes them a great investment opportunity. The price of a single pink diamond is comparable to the price of a high-end property.

However, Investing in pink argyle diamonds can be risky. While some of the high-profile diamonds make headlines, it is best to look for the higher-quality stones, as these have the potential to provide higher investment returns. Moreover, research shows that only about ten percent of the diamonds weigh more than 0.20 carats. The Australian Diamond Portfolio recommends that investors invest anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000 to purchase a pink diamond.

Until a few years ago, pink diamonds were mainly purchased as engagement rings, but the steady rise in market indexes has encouraged wealthy investors to turn them into a financial investment. Self-managed super funds have stepped in to turn this low-risk asset into a profitable investment for those looking to build their portfolios.

Leverage needed to magnify gains

In today’s market, a 19 pink diamond investment can have massive upside potential. Unlike real estate, diamonds can be bought outright, so investors don’t need to borrow money to invest. On the other hand, property investments usually require borrowers to borrow at least 80% of the value of the property. This high level of leverage can magnify gains, but it can also wipe out your gains with a small decline in value.


One of the disadvantages of real estate investments is that ongoing maintenance costs eat into real returns, and they also require time. Some of these costs include electric bills, water bills, council rates, house and contents insurance, and even mowing the lawn and fixing broken air-conditioning. However, pink diamonds require no ongoing maintenance and can be stored for a low cost in a high-security vault. However, investors should be aware of the high risk associated with pink diamond investments.

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