Is There Use For a MBA Degree in Public Health?

An MBA degree with a concentration in healthcare is a strategic way to prepare for leadership roles in healthcare. A dual MBA and MSN program can increase your knowledge of business principles and management styles and qualify you for consulting jobs. An MPH in public health focuses on research, advocacy, education, and access to care. In addition, you can earn your master’s degree online, allowing you to work on your studies at home while maintaining a full-time job.

Many health professionals need advanced degrees. These degrees may be necessary for positions in the field, as well as at the executive and administrative levels. You might have narrowed down your choices to a Master of Public Health or a Healthcare Master of Business Administration degree. Before you decide which path to take, you should consider both types of degrees and how each will benefit you. In addition, it is important to find out how each one will help you advance your career.

If you have a passion for public health, you can earn a dual MBA/MPH degree at UCLA. In this program, you can focus on public health while developing managerial skills. An MBA in public health is highly beneficial for those interested in a career in management. Those who are looking to become public health managers can pursue careers in the nonprofit sector, while still putting their business skills to good use.

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