Man-Made Diamonds: The Future of Sustainable and Affordable Luxury

Man made diamonds Adelaide are becoming more and more popular in the jewellery industry. This is because lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds and can be more affordable.

The biggest benefit is that they are ethically sourced and eco-friendly. They do not pollute water sources or destroy habitats. And they do not employ child labour in diamond mines.

1. They Are Identical to Mined Diamonds

In terms of their chemical and optical properties, man made diamonds Adelaide are identical to mined diamonds. Even trained geologists can’t tell the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds with their naked eye, and both types of stones sparkle just as brightly.

They are also certified & graded to the same standards as mined diamonds, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

As they’re grown in a laboratory, they don’t have the same environmental impacts of mined diamonds – and therefore, are more eco-friendly. This has made lab created diamonds more popular than mined ones in recent years, as consumers look for a way to get an engagement ring that’s ethically sourced, beautiful and sustainable.

2. They Are Ethically Sourced

As the name suggests, man made diamonds are lab grown or engineered in a laboratory using modern technology. The lab based process is eco-friendly and less energy-consuming than the old school method of mining for diamonds. It’s also a more environmentally sustainable way to mark a significant life event such as a wedding or engagement.

Interestingly, Millennials seem to be the first generation of jewellery buyers to opt for an alternative to traditional diamonds. Thankfully, there are companies like Clean Origins that are taking the lead for ethically sourced and eco-friendly lab made diamonds. They even have a full service team to assist you in your search for the best man made diamonds Adelaide has to offer. You can count on them for the biggest and best selection of lab made gems.

3. They Are Eco-Friendly

Man made diamonds London are a great option for those looking to make an eco-friendly and sustainable jewellery purchase. They are created using renewable energy sources, reducing the environmental impact of diamond production.

They are also conflict-free and can be traced back to the lab where they were created, providing consumers with a clear and transparent origin story.

In addition, they are typically 20-40% cheaper than mined diamonds and can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars.

With an increasing number of eco-conscious and socially conscious consumers, lab grown diamonds Adelaide are becoming more popular. These diamonds offer a great alternative to mined diamonds for couples who are looking for an ethical and eco-friendly way to celebrate their engagement.

4. They Are Ten Times Harder than Mined Diamonds

During a grey January morning, Meghan Markle emerged onto a London street wearing earrings that were embedded with lab grown diamonds. The man made diamonds Adelaide are ten times harder than mined diamonds, meaning that they are more durable and can stand up to everyday wear celebrities net worth.

Natural mined diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s crust over billions of years before dinosaurs or even humans. They are shaped by extreme heat and pressure inside the earth’s core, before being brought to the surface by volcanic activity.

Mining natural diamonds has a significant impact on the environment and human rights. Every single carat of diamonds that is mined releases a huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere, disrupting local habitats and wildlife as well as compromising workers’ health.

5. They Are More Affordable

Man made diamonds Adelaide are a great alternative to natural diamonds because they are more affordable. They can be up to 30% less expensive than mined diamonds, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Unlike mined diamonds, which are formed deep within the Earth, lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory using cutting edge technology. These lab created diamonds are chemically and visually identical to the natural variety factnewsph.

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