Mental Health – What is Mental Health and How Do You See Its Importance?

We’re told that mental health is a fundamental part of the quality of life. This is true – people who are mentally healthy tend to have greater levels of productivity. They are more likely to pursue rewarding goals and provide quality time to family and friends. Similarly, people who are healthy are more likely to be engaged in productive work and have stronger relationships. Consequently, mental health is of vital importance to the individual, as well as to society.

Poor mental health can lead to violent crimes and self-victimization. The symptoms of poor mental health are often substantiated by substance abuse and an aversion to medication. Those suffering from mental illness are often socially isolated and have a difficult time interacting with their friends and family. Fortunately, many mental health problems can be treated. Even if they are curable, however, it is important to seek medical help for mental illness.

In short, mental illness is a disease that affects one’s thinking, emotion, and behavior. It is a disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to perform daily tasks and is associated with significant distress. Unfortunately, one in every 24 people has a mental illness or substance use disorder. Fortunately, the majority of mental illnesses can be treated and managed, despite the stigma attached to the term.

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