Pink Diamond Investment

Pink diamonds are an increasingly rare and sought-after investment, with their annual natural supply limited. The Argyle mine in Western Australia, responsible for over 90% of the world’s supply, ceased all mining operations in 2020.

Due to their limited supply, Argyle diamond prices will continue to appreciate in value over time. They also prove a reliable investment, outperforming gold, shares and cash over the past 10 years.

Argyle Diamonds

Argyle diamonds are highly sought-after due to their rarity and quality. As such, they make for an excellent investment choice for those seeking to diversify their investments while receiving a higher return on their money.

Argyle mine in Western Australia is the only location to find these rare gemstones. Even though the mine may soon close its doors, pink diamonds from Argyle remain highly valued and sought-after.

One of the key advantages of these gems is their stunning color intensity, making them more expensive than other types of pink diamonds.

Another advantageous reason for Pink Diamond Investment is its high resale value. Compared to other investments such as real estate or securities, diamonds provide greater resilience against inflation, financial crisis, and market collapses.

Argyle mine is renowned for hosting exclusive annual tenders, where master jewellers from around the world come to view and bid on tendered diamonds.

Uncommonly Large Stones

Pink diamonds are an exquisite and stunning addition to any collection, and can be a reliable and profitable investment during times of economic uncertainty.

Large pink diamonds have a higher value than their white counterparts and are rarer to come by. Due to the closure of Australia’s Argyle mine in 2004, demand for these gems has grown considerably.

Another factor affecting pricing is color distribution within a stone. Diamond crystals form through an extensive chemical process, sometimes showing uneven hues.

Pink diamonds vary in color from gem to gem, which is why it’s essential to purchase a high-quality eye-clean stone. A high-grade stone will allow the diamond to reflect and transmit light with clarity, creating stunning brilliance.

Exceptional Clarity

Pink diamonds have long been regarded as an attractive investment and one of the most productive assets available to investors. Over the last ten years, pink diamonds have outperformed other investments like property and stocks by a considerable margin.

Clarity is one of the most sought-after characteristics in diamonds, as it allows a stone to reflect and scatter light more efficiently.

Another advantage of exceptional clarity is that it serves as a reliable indicator for diamond quality. It means the stone has no internal or external flaws.

Diamonds with exceptional clarity can be identified under magnification, providing buyers and investors with a great advantage, since it increases the likelihood of the stone being examined by an experienced professional.

Exceptional Liquidity

Liquidity is a financial measure that measures how quickly money can be liquidated. It’s an essential metric for business owners who want to safeguard their assets, pay off bills promptly, and continue working.

Liquidity can have numerous advantages for our economy and financial system, such as higher asset prices and better ways of channeling funds between savers and borrowers. Furthermore, excess liquidity may help prevent imbalances in certain markets from spreading due to greater risk dispersion.


When pink diamond investment, it is essential to collaborate with an investment expert who has direct access to international dealer prices and markets. Doing this will enable you to purchase a stone that can be resold at its fair market value bid/ask price.

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