Starter Tips | Locating Sprites in Last Cloudia

In Last Cloudia, players can gain access to enhanced abilities with the use of sprites. But, where to get them? After a certain point in the story, players can acquire weapons or accessories from equipment merchants with gold coins. They can also gather materials through engagements or acquire them by logging in. Another way to obtain equipment in Last Cloudia is by capturing sprites.

A Sprite can be spotted on the map as a glowing orb within a predetermined card slot, but only if the player has accomplished 2-9 and left the Great Wall, and enabled the Sprite Research Institute. After they have activated the Institute, they will be presented with a Sprite Capture Device which they can have with them at all times.

Where can players find sprites in Last Cloudia?

Players looking for sprites should tour the various areas and look for small globes drifting about. Each sprite can be found in a designated spot, and people must start the capture mission by pressing the sphere. Here is a list of places where the sprites can be found:

A breeze to behold, the Wind Sprite is a sight to witness. It dances about in the air, its movements graceful and light. Its presence is captivating, and its beauty alluring. As it flits and flutters, it brings a breeze of joy and serenity.

The Rubel Coast area, particularly the 1-9 sector, is the place in question.

The advantages of equipping the Wind Sprite are a defense accessory of +21 and reduces the amount of critical damage taken from oneself by 15%.

The Water Sprite is an aquatic plant that has been known to bring a magical atmosphere to any aquarium or pond. With its delicate and lacy leaves, this floating plant creates a wonderful addition to any aquatic environment. Its long, thin stems are covered with numerous small oval-shaped leaves, giving it a unique and enchanting appearance. Its beauty and ease of care make it a great choice for any aquatic habitat.

The remains of Durandal are located in the Airship’s surroundings.

Advantages: Wearing the Water Sprite accessory grants the player an increase of +27 Spirit and +5 Ice Resistance. Additionally, when submerged, it decreases damage taken from magical sources by 10%.

The Blazing Entity

A fiery being, a sprite of burning intensity, manifests itself to the world.

The Maruruvolia Lava Cave, particularly in the 1-12 section, is the site.

Advantages: Outfitting the Fire Sprite grants you a +94 Attack Flame Sword and when using Flame attribute skills, it increases the damage inflicted by 15%.

Frosty Figure

A frosty figure, otherwise known as an Ice Sprite, is a mythical creature that appears in many stories. They are typically described as being small and possessing an icy form. Ice Sprites are often portrayed as being benevolent and helpful to humans, providing protection and guidance. They are believed to live in icy regions such as mountains and glaciers, and are associated with winter and the cold weather.

The Ranzelia Mountains, particularly within the region of 2-7, is the site in question.

The Ice Sprite, when equipped, gives an Attack Ice Spear of +110 and boosts the critical hit rate for Ice attribute skills by 3%.

The process of obtaining sprites in Last Cloudia in a speedy manner

When engaging in a fight, it is common for a sprite to show up within 5 seconds of the initial wave of monsters. If it doesn’t, it is best to retreat and try again. All relics should be removed to save soul energy, and assistance should not be used. Bringing 1-2 close combat output units may help to prevent the monsters from being cleared out before the sprite appears. Keep repeating this process a few times to maximize the chances of the sprite appearing. If not able to capture the sprite during the first wave of monsters, it is still possible to do so during the subsequent wave.

It is quite straightforward to capture sprites. All a player has to do is locate the small orb on the map, click it, and the sprite will fly to their battle character. Afterwards, the player can take the sprite to the Sprite Research Institute for submission. That’s all there is to it!

Is there an advantage to employing Redfinger for snaring sprites?

Redfinger’s online gaming emulator grants access to Last Cloudia for PC play, providing the experience of an Android game on a larger display. The randomized refresh of sprites in Last Cloudia can reduce visual fatigue due to the bigger screen, but unfortunately it does not help in capturing sprites. The Android emulator is a helpful tool, however it does not get sprites automatically.

Utilizing Redfinger to Play Last Cloudia – What You Need to Know

To use REDFINGER, you can either search for it on Google Play and download the app or access it directly from the official website through your web browser.

In order to use the Redfinger cloud smartphone, you must go through the sign-in process. If you have any difficulties, please refer to the Redfinger tutorial videos.

The REDFINGER APP Store provides users with the ability to locate Last Cloudia by searching for it in the search bar.

Afterward, obtain the game from Redfinger and set it up.

Go and have fun playing Last Cloudia with redfinger.

Final Thought

Navigating Last Cloudia necessitates the acquisition of sprites and it’s not as laborious as it may seem. All that is needed is a bit of patience and you can obtain all the sprites you need.

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