Top Reasons to choose lab created diamond

If you’re in the market for a diamond ring, consider lab created diamonds as an alternative. They have all the qualities of natural diamonds, but are far cheaper and less environmentally damaging. What’s more, they also use less water to grow than their mined counterparts, which is an added bonus. Read on to learn more about these advantages of lab created diamonds. So, why should you choose them? Here are some of the benefits:

Characteristics as natural diamonds

A laboratory-grown diamond can sparkle as brilliantly as a natural stone, with the same range of characteristics. Cut is a key quality to compare. A natural diamond can vary widely in cut quality, due to the way it is mined. The higher the cut grade, the more valuable the stone will be. A lab-grown diamond can also be cut to give the sparkle you want. Natural diamonds can be very expensive, especially those with higher cuts.

Natural diamonds vary greatly in color, size, and clarity. Although there are flawless diamonds, they are relatively rare and extremely expensive. Despite their lower cost, natural diamonds retain more than half of their initial value. While lab-grown diamonds don’t retain as much value, they still have a decent resale value. If you want to surprise your partner, consider buying a lab-grown diamond instead.

They are conflict free

Conflict-free diamonds have many benefits. Modern buyers want to know that the diamonds they purchase are conflict-free, and are not associated with warlords or exploitation of labour. They also want to know how the diamond was mined and how many tons of rock were moved to extract it. This is why lab-diamonds can raise an eyebrow from modern buyers. However, if you want to be sure that your diamond is conflict-free, here are some tips to consider.

First, Lab diamonds Brisbane are conflict-free. Because of this, they are ethically and socially responsible. As a result, they have lower environmental impact and no conflict with other countries. They are perfect for engagement rings. And, they’re much cheaper than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are also conflict-free, and Shiels is proud to offer the highest-quality man-made diamonds in Australia.

They are cheaper

Despite the fact that mined diamonds are the most expensive, lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper to buy than mined diamonds. This is due to repeated technological advancements and innovations that have lowered their production costs. A great example of the difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds is the cost of a carat of excellent quality diamond – a natural mined diamond would cost $6100 while a comparable lab-grown diamond would cost approximately $2300.

Both mined and lab-grown diamonds are produced in different countries around the world, which means that shipping costs are often higher than those of a lab-grown diamond. Fortunately, since diamonds are extremely light, shipping costs are minimal and do not significantly contribute to the cost difference. That means that lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice for many consumers. These stones are certified and far cheaper than natural diamonds.

They require less water to grow

There are many benefits to choosing lab-grown diamonds over those mined from Mother Earth. For one thing, lab grown diamonds require less water to grow, and they cost up to 10% less than Mother Earth’s. Plus, the creation of diamonds in a lab is much safer and more environmentally friendly than mining. Additionally, the process creates significantly less carbon emissions, which is important in the current world climate.

The environmental benefits of man made diamonds Manchester are numerous. For instance, each carat of a lab-grown diamond requires about eighty gallons of water, while a mined diamond uses 126 gallons. These lab-grown diamonds also use less energy, which means less water consumption and lower carbon emissions. The process of mining and growing natural diamonds also requires thousands of hectares of soil. Earth-mined diamonds cause air pollution and disturb hundreds of hectares of land. A single carat of a mined diamond requires five times as much water.

Lower carbon emissions

In an independent report, the Diamond Producers Association reported that lab grown diamonds have lower carbon emissions than mined diamonds. As far as carbon emissions go, lab created diamonds use significantly less water than mined diamonds do. In addition, they produce lower carbon emissions per carat. So, they’re a better option for the environment. What’s more, these diamonds are less expensive than mined ones.


The environmental impact of diamond mining is quite high. Luckily, lab-grown diamonds use significantly less energy and water. They also generate much less waste. The carbon footprint of lab diamonds is much smaller than that of mined diamonds, according to research by Princeton University. While lab diamonds aren’t entirely green, they’re certainly more environmentally friendly than mined diamonds. They require less water and energy to grow and create them, and they cause less disruption to the land. They also produce much less Sulphur Oxide.

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