Vitamin C reduces acne scars

My skin is not clear and I have a cold. I can tell you that vitamin C can help! Which vitamin C that this We can find from vegetables and fruits, sure enough, but for anyone who is not good at eating fruit, does not like to eat vegetables, eating supplements such as vitamin C. So it might be another solution. That will help prevent flu and help clear skin without acne as well.

Normally, our body should get 1000 milligrams of vitamin C per day. But it’s not like we can eat too much. Because if we eat more vitamin C than the saturation point of absorption. The body can not be absorbed to use more. Therefore, you should not consume more than 1000 milligrams per day. And dividing orally several times will absorb better than eating a large amount at one time. And in this event, which vitamin C is worth taking? Let’s go see

1. DHC Supplement Vitamin C

 famous vitamin C No matter who goes to Japan, they have to carry it back with them every time. For this one Help reduce dark circles on the face, reduce acne scars, help whiten skin. And most importantly, it also helps us not to catch colds easily! Who is often exposed to the sun feel that the skin is not clear or when you have acne, it will leave a lot of black marks and red marks. I recommend that this one help. But you have to eat it for at least 2-3 months in order to see the most results!

How to eat: 1 tablet at a time, 2 times a day after breakfast – evening.

2. Blackmores Vitamins Bio C 1000 mg.

For this 2nd one, there will be a little difference from the first one. where bioflavonoids are added as well to increase the body’s absorption of vitamin C If you eat this, it will make your body absorb more vitamin C. This recipe is also a less acidic formula with ascorbate salt. filmefy which reduces irritation to the stomach And most importantly, there is also a mixture of vitamin C. obtained from natural sources as well

How to eat: 1 tablet per day.

3. Dii Essentra Combo C 1000 mg.

This one is vitamin C rich in natural vitamin C extracts. Both from gooseberry and cherry from Brazil. The Indian gooseberry will help fight viruses and bacteria in the body. Brazilian cherries are even higher in vitamin C than citrus! In addition, he also has a mixture of Zinc that helps increase the efficiency of vitamin C. Help reduce acne scars as well. Zinc that comes in the form of Chelate helps the body to absorb better than other forms of Zinc as well. This one helps to strengthen the immune system for the body as well. yes

How to eat: 1 tablet at a time, 2 times a day after breakfast – evening.

4. MEGA We Care NAT C

Coming to the 4th one already. This one is 1000mg per tablet as well. The vitamin C of NAT C, in addition to having bioflavonoids. There are also other ingredients such as ascorbic acid, vitamin C that help nourish the skin to be bright and smooth. Rosehip Extract Contains 20 times more vitamins than citrus fruits! It’s called suitable for those who lack or want to add vitamin C to their body a lot. Anyone who has frequent colds, I can tell you that I have to take it!

How to eat: 1 tablet per day.

5. Vitamin C reduces acne scars: VISTRA Acerola Cherry 1000 mg.

this vitamin C Distinguished as vitamin C extracted from acerola cherries, which Acerola cherries have higher vitamin C than many citrus fruits. Plus, this cherry extract. It also has the effect of helping to fight the common cold virus as well! In addition to the cherry This bottle of vitamin also contains pomegranate extract. Grape seed extract and beta carotene that help with skin. Helps the skin to be firmer, younger than the age. After eating, the skin is clearer than before. thedocweb

How to eat: 1 tablet per day.

6. Hicee Sweetlets Vitamin C

For the last vitamin C It’s not like the others in the past. Because this one is a lozenge and dissolves in your mouth! It’s the easiest vitamin C to eat. It’s easy for children or adults to eat. This one is a tablet of 500 milligrams. bestnewshunt  If you want the body to get the most vitamins, you should take 2 tablets a day. The benefits are both for your skin and prevent the flu as well. Who takes the hard pills? Let me tell you that this one is very suitable. carry in pocket It’s convenient to pick up and eat whenever!

How to eat: 1 tablet each time, 2 times a day.

And in addition to vitamin C, vitamin E is also another vitamin that helps clear the face. Good at reducing acne scars

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