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What Cities Have the Best Law Firms?

If you want to work for a top-notch law firm, you need to consider the location. While New York City is the ideal location for law firms, the housing prices are infamous. That being said, there are plenty of low-cost neighborhoods in the city. Some of the best choices are Marble Hill in Manhattan, Glendale in Queens, and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. However, you should keep in mind that high-end law firms do not tend to be based in these areas.

A national law firm based in Kansas City is Lewis, Rice, and Magruder. This firm has 13 lawyers, a small but mighty staff, and an impressive number of practice areas. In addition to real estate, they specialize in business litigation, corporate and business law, and employment law. In addition, they serve clients in construction and health care, real estate, and litigation. A strong presence in Kansas City is also maintained by Martin Pringle.

Another top firm in the area is Polsinelli. Founded in 1972, Polsinelli supports Kansas City’s emerging innovation infrastructure. The firm is a major supporter of Silicon Prairie, a nonprofit that serves technology companies. In addition, Polsinelli invites clean-tech startups to enter its sixth annual Polsinelli Innovation Competition. This law firm ranks 43 on the Law360 list of top law firms.

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