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What Do You Eat With Ice Cream?

You can have ice cream in several ways, including on a cone, in a cup, or as part of a snack. But ice cream isn’t limited to just these formats; you can even create your own recipe. Here are some ideas. Ice cream is cool, velvety, and delicious, but you can also add your own toppings to it. The possibilities are endless! Try one of these recipes and you’ll be on your way to enjoying ice cream!

Ice cream is packed with nutrients that support a healthy immune system. Its main ingredient, milk, is high in calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. It also boosts metabolism. Unlike other desserts, ice cream contains plenty of calories and can be a part of a healthy diet. And because it’s dairy-based, it’s compatible with most diets. A good way to satisfy your craving for ice cream is to pair it with a small salad.

Another great treat to serve with ice cream is baked Alaska. This popular dessert was invented by the Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City in 1867 to celebrate the United States’ acquisition of Alaska. You can make it at home! To make this dessert, start by making a cocoa-coconut base. Next, you’ll need to scoop out the ice cream and cover it in cling wrap, smoothing it with your hand. Finally, place the ice cream-covered jar in the freezer and allow to cool.

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