Which Distance Learning Modality Do You Prefer?

Which distance learning modality do you prefer? Which is easier to learn in? Those who prefer live classroom learning may prefer hybrid learning models. Hybrids provide students with both face-to-face interaction and distance-learning flexibility. For example, students can continue their online course while remaining at home to take care of family and children, or they can attend a live session but view recordings of the course. Both types of learning modes have their pros and cons.

There are four primary learning modes, or modalities. Some students are more visual than others, while others are more logical and abstract. People with these modalities typically learn best through visual materials. The images they see help them recognize patterns and differences. While students who learn through sound or text prefer to hear information, people who are visual learners prefer to experience information through images. Likewise, visual learners enjoy discussions that incorporate physical movement into their learning.

Online distance learning is facilitated by a teacher but involves the active participation of the learner. Both the teacher and learner must have a high-speed internet connection to participate in online distance learning. Students can also download materials and complete assignments online. Online distance learning is best for learners with access to reliable internet speed and a conducive environment. So which one of the three best matches your learning style? Let’s discuss each modality in more detail!

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